Packages are designed to provide a range of affordable options for individuals and families seeking support before and after a loss.  

To discuss custom packaging, or providing services as part of an employee benefit package, please schedule a 30 minute discovery call below:

Package 1: Advance Planning

No matter what season of life you're in right now, planning for the future is always a good idea.  Our Advance Planning serves as an "End-of-Life Audit" to help you and your family get organized for whatever the future holds.

This package includes: 

Cost:  $500/package due at initial review;  $125/hour for additional post-package support billed monthly.

Package 2: After Loss Support

When somebody we love has died, alongside the grief and mourning there is a lot to do.  We review your loved one's accounts, memberships, and other belongings and provide a game-plan and coaching to wrap up their affairs.

This package includes: 

Cost:  $600/package due at time of initial review.;  $125/hour for additional post-package support billed monthly.

Package 3: After Loss Concierge / Design Your Own

Most of our clients start with an Advance Planning or After Loss package and add on additional post-package support as needed...but every situation is unique!  If your needs don't align with our packages, we can provide customized flexible support on an hourly basis.  Custom Projects may include:

Cost:  $125/hour, billed monthly, with regular updates on estimated budget.  An upfront payment of $500 is required, to be applied to the first 4 hours of work