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Facing the loss of a loved one is never easy.  

Alongside the sadness, grief, and shock, there is often an unexpected administrative and logistical burden.  The paperwork, phone calls, and bureaucratic red tape can be overwhelming and triggering, robbing family members of the time and space to grieve and heal.

At Fare Well Associates we help with the business side of death so you can focus on living well.

Get Organized...

End of Life Audits

No matter what season of life you're in right now, planning for the future is always a good idea.  Our End-of-Life Audit process will help you and your family get organized - no matter what the future holds.

Get Support....

After-Loss Coaching 

When somebody we love dies, alongside the grief and mourning there is a lot to do.  We review your accounts, memberships, and other belongings and provide a game-plan and coaching to get it done.

Get It Done....

After-Loss Proxy Services

For clients in the Raleigh-Durham area, we can create a game-plan to wrap up affairs and execute key tasks on your behalf. 

"I began working with Abby this past summer after my father received a sudden and devastating diagnosis at the age of 60 that would change our family's trajectory in just about every way.... Abby broke everything down in a digestible way, and walked me through each step with unmatchable grace and courtesy....

I am forever grateful for Abby's time and expertise; and, I truly feel it added an extra element of trust and respect to know that she wasn't just advising me from a course or a handbook, but rather from taking her own personal experiences of navigating loss and using it to help others. In short, I cannot recommend Abby and Fare Well Associates LLC enough! "  - Laura, Raleigh NC